Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting Re-cap

Today is New Years Eve and so for this weeks post for 'Interesting or not so Interesting' I'll do another w little re-cap on three more of my favorite questions from the interviews during the past few months.

With Surfer Brittani Nicholl

Q. You've suffered from Crohns disease since you were 7, what impact has this made on your life? Also for those who don't know (like me) what is it?
A. Yes thats right, I've had Crohns for 11yrs now and it has had a massive impact on my life. Over the years I've been in and out of hospital over the years and have had some pretty rough times and in late 2007 i had major surgery and now currently have a temporary ileostomy bag.

Crohns Disease is a disease of the digestive system and can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus. The symptoms that I experienced most where abdominal pain, diarrhea (which may be visibly bloody), vomiting, and weight loss.

The disease occurs when the immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract and for this reason is considered an autoimmune disease. This produces inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and is why Crohn's disease is classified as an inflammatory bowel disease.

Unlike the other major types of inflammatory bowel disease, there is no known drug based or surgical cure for Crohn's disease.

To read the whole interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Surfer Brittani Nicholl

With The Very Talented Laura

Q. Like most creative people I'm sure you've had some close calls or funny moments, any you would like to share?
A. Doing the photo shoot of my Horse + Bunny series was a lot of fun! I mean, those masks are kind of creepy if you are not expecting to see them sun baking at your local pier, or enjoying at picnic at the park!

To read the rest of the interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With The Very Talented Laura

With WA based Willem

Q. Has there ever been a medium you wished you could work with but it just didn't work? How did you deal with this?
A. I have recently been using rusty iron, which I found in a paddock on a friend’s farm. I have been trying to combine it with silver to make a new line of jewellery. I initially found it very hard and frustrating, especially soldering the two metals together, but finally I think I have managed to do it. One of my pictures shows this. (Above)

Check out the rest of the interview at Interesting Or Not So Interesting With WA based Willem


Today, the last day of 2009 will be spent on catching up on a pile of things that I really should of done over the past few days, painting and getting ready for drinks and good food with a few close friends to bring in the new year latter tonight.

I weren't go on about new year's resolutions and things like that but I will say this, I'm so excited about what the new year will bring. Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Tested on Animals and Organic Beauty Products

I've fairly pale skin and so when surfing or doing anything else outdoors I must use sunscreen to protect my skin even with the nasties in it, it is the better of the two evils (chemicals in sunscreen or suffer from the effects of sunburn). There are a few things I take notice of when buying beauty products but two of the major ones are is it not tested on animals and how natural and safe is the product.

These days almost every company is claiming to be against animal testing but yet the company it self either uses ingredients that have been tested on animals or some of their products are. Only when it says not tested on animals is it truly animal testing free. To read more about this topic and for a list of which companies don't test on animals visit

So many things can be organic, but do you really want to put it on your skin? How do you know if it is truly orgnic/natural or just a marketing tool? I personally read the label and stick to brands I know. There is a fantasic free e-book that you can download that touches on all areas relating to organic/natural beauty products at that I highly reccomend taking a read of.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Banksy Once Was Here

The wonderful people at Nice Produce did a fabulous post a few week ago about the silver paint that now covers the once Mini Diver by the all famous in Banksy in Flinders Lane (Cnr Elizabeth Street) across the street from the police station in Melbourne. They also highlight the mixed messages delivered to street artists by the City of Melbourne. To read it visit

Calling all Artists...

One of my new exciting things is that I'm part of the Stay Human Gallery in Richmond (Melbourne, Australia) and we are currently on the hunt for artists to be apart of an up and coming badge/button and mirror exhibition in late January that will run for 2 weeks.

Also we are looking for artists to:
- do group shows
- do solo shows
- be resident artists

We are looking for painters, illustrators, photographers, sculptures and textiles.

If you would like to know more about any of the above feel free to email me at:
stayhumangallery [!at]

Or check out the following sites: - currently down (we're working it)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Introducing 3...

I would like to bring to you three enchanting photographers all showing their work on Red Bubble. Jessica Tremp, Doco Photo and My Original Sin. If your looking for a unique gift, card or calendar, it is worth your time to visit Red Bubble and even more so to browse through the works by these wonderful talented photographers.


Just a quick note to let you all know that giveaways will be back in the new year. The first one for 2009 will start on Saturday 3 January!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Garlands of Inspiration

One thing that I'm really getting into of late is garlands. There is just something so tea party and coffee and cake ish about them that I just love.
I've yet to make one but for some inspiration I've done a little hunt on flickr for pics of some that have me wanting to reach for a pair of scissors and some paper.

Thursday, December 25, 2008



There are only 33 days left of voting for season 3 of the the Bubble by General Pants Co. I would love for you to give me a belated Christmas present by placing a vote for my 'Urban Stencil' submission.

Do show your love visit

Thank you so very much in advance!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting Re-cap

Being the silly season and all I thought that for this weeks post for 'Interesting or not so Interesting' I would do a little re-cap on three of my favorite questions from the interviews during the past few months.

With Rock Photographer Kate Griffin...

Q. I know I've accidentally deleted half the pics without backing up, what's been one of your biggest cringe moments?
A. ooooohhh...last night, a friend who's band is printing their EP asked for a shot i took of them at Pony over a year ago....after searching for it in my back ups and not finding a high res version i remembered that I decided the those pics were never going to be good enough to do anything with so I deleted the originals, figuring they'd only ever be needed for low res internet stuff.......eeeep.

To read the whole interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Rock Photographer Kate Griffin

With Street Artist Ears

Q. What direction do you think street art in general is heading in?
A. That's a pretty crazy question.. street art is constantly pushing in so many different directions all at once.. and it depends what city you live in.. and what country.. I can only speak for Sydney. I think the scene here is headed for big things. feels like a whole scene has just been born and all sorts of artists are getting involved and coming out of the woodwork.

To read the rest of the interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Street Artist Ears

With Meggs

Q. You already use a wide variety of mediums and techniques, what is your artistic weapon of choice? Is there another medium you plan to work with in the near future or expand upon?
A. Right now my weapon of choice is a combination of acrylics and aerosol, especially developing my techniques with acrylics and creating layered colours and textures. I made some plaster casts for my last exhibition so I think molding and casting is something I'd like to explore more in future.

Check out the rest of the interview at Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Meggs

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

Thank you for so v. much reading my blog and all your wonderful comments.

2009 hold some wonderful new projects for me which I'm keeping a little hush on at the moment but I look forward to sharing them all with you through out 2009!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scarlettcat - Giveaway - WINNER!

Congratulations to Heidi she has won 1 set or 3 badges, each featuring one of Scarlettcat's girls
"Miss Penny is my fave of the girls - she is the ultimate flirt, sassy and confident!" - Heidi
You can find out more about Scarlettcat's quirky girl illustrations by visiting

Article - Why Is Che Guevara Such A Pop Culture Icon?

Why is Che Guevara such a pop culture icon? The wonderful people at Design Boom have put together an article with some beautiful pictures which answers this question about one of histories most famous revolutionaries. To read it visit

Introducing 3...

I just love to browse through ads! What better way to see what else is going on in the way of adverting than flicking through web page after web page of ads? For your enjoyment, I've narrowed down three sites/blogs that I think a wonderful to flick through for nothing other than jaw dropping adverting.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Recycled Furnitre

Currently I'm on the lookout for a desk that is of a suitable size and has a little bit of character. In doing some online research I came across Nightwood, a Brooklyn, USA, based home d├ęcor business specializing in its own reconstructed furniture and textiles. I just love the way each piece has it's own personality.
It has inspired me to think about making my own desk rather than spending all the time hunting one down. This way I can customise it to what I require and want in the way of design.
To read more or check out some of their other pieces visit

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Latest Trend - Get A New Website

Everyone seems to be either updating or launching a new website... here are three by some fellow artsists whose works I also just adore...

Vexta is a Melbourne based artist whose works along with many others inspired me to cut my very first stencil, pick up a can and paint. Just recently she has launched her new website, if your interested to see what else this highly talented lady does it is a must to check out!

How to introduce this guy is hard, but if your into stencil art and you've not heard of Satta van Daal get your mouse moving and visit he has recently refurbished his site making it even more user friendly than before and I'm just loving the colours, which I've been told is the exact colour as some cans of Belton Molotows.

A little while ago Ears from Sydney also launched his website, where in a blog like style he posts images of recent works ranging in mediums but forever keeping in the wonderfully loose style he has created over the past year. TO see just what I'm talking about visit

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Jodie

Jodie is the person behind several quirky little designs and and critters, her pieces are just so adorable and cute that I just had to find out more about the person behind this wonderful creations.

Q. Jodie, your pieces are so quirky and adorable I just have to interview you for 'interesting or not so interesting'. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into - interesting or not so interesting? Why?
A. Interesting! I am always making new and fun things! I work in all mediums so if you really spend some time in my shop, you will see that among the smiling fabric faces there are little surprises such as ceramic pieces, beautiful polymer clay bugs and strange jewelry that I make from found or recycled objects. I consider myself an "all medium" artist. I'm a big know it all when it comes to art and techniques.

Q.Your from Louisiana in the USA, what is one sight/place you would recommend to tourists who were keen to see something crafty if they came to visit?
A. Well, I live in Abita Springs and we have the UCM Museum. Pronounced "You See Em Museum". It is an old gas station that has been turned into a Folk Art Museum. Lots of fun stuff to see there. It is a museum of oddities and strange artifacts. There is a house in the back that is totally done in mosaics (small bits of tile), there is a house starting (but not finished) of bottles. There is an artist studio on site and a unique gift shop in the front. I believe there is a web site: Lots of creative history here in Abita Springs for people to see. And we have the Abita Beer Brew house right down the street! Come to Abita, look me up and stay a while!

Q. Not only are you just a creative person but a mum, wife and more. What are your key tips for being organised?
A. I am only organized in my mind! Among my mess, I know where everything is! My work is taking over my house. I have already turned it into a museum of mine, my son and my friends Art work. I work on the kitchen table to make my patches and I have been lucky enough to be employed at a local ceramic studio to keep my handbuilding in clay mess there! My husband is grateful for that! Though there are still days I want to work in ceramics at home and still I do it all on the kitchen table! I like to be able to see my family and my home as I create. I do have a spare bedroom where I house all of my supplies and findings, but at the time it is a catch all room. As far as organizing family, a little one, my husband and my art, well it is tough but we manage. We all are a creative family and they know where I stand when it comes to my art! In the kitchen! LOL!

Q. Primary you use fabric, what other mediums do you tend to use? Is there one you've used that just hasn't worked? How did you deal with it?
A. I work in all mediums. But as I stated before, I do work a lot with polymer clay, wire, acrylic paints, found objects, recycled objects and ceramic clay. I paint on canvas and have a series of mixed media, found object assemblage that I work on regularly that I show in galleries around Louisiana. I recently took a workshop in incaustic painting. Which is painting and carving in wax on panels. I loved it! This might bring into play a new medium for me. When something happens not to work right with what I'm doing, I will put it to the side and save it until I can find use for it in another project.

Q. The little creatures you make have such individual personalities, what is the biggest inspiration behind each ones unique look?
A. First of all, thank you! My son and his friends are my biggest inspiration when it comes to making my patches. Sometimes he will put the faces together for me (like a puzzle) and sometimes I just think about who the patch will be going to or made for and that helps too. I try to make boy and girl ones to appeal to everyone. I watch a lot of his cartoons too, so sometimes they might tend to look like cartoon characters. The seasons inspire some too as far a color schemes go. My monkeys tend to have the more round mouth like they are "ha ha hoo hooing". And smiles are always a plus! I have never made on frowning. No request for that either! LOL! The fabric colors and combinations that I pick inspire me, but most of all I just have fun with them.

Q. With the current economic climate do you think that there will be a rise in the amount of people interested in doing DIY Crafts? What effect do you think this will have on the current industry?
A. No. The ones who do it already will continue to do it. There are lots of people out there that have not found their creative side and will continue to pay artist to do it for them.

Q. There has been plenty of cases of artists ideas and works being copied and sold by others, how do you best protect yourself against this happening?
A. There is nothing new under the sun, moon and stars! I hope that others do try their hands at what I do and if it is fun and a success for them, then wonderful. If not, you can purchase what I sell and be assured that all my heart and soul went into what I made and it is quality each and every time. No protection needed when you create from your soul. It will show and people who know you and your work know that!

Q. What are your plans for 2009? Anything new and exciting coming up?
A. I have a series of ceramic pieces (wall vases) that I am working on and I will be selling them in my Etsy shop real soon. More fun, funky, unique and colorful work coming in 2009!

Q. Which are the best sites online for people visit to read up and see more of your work?
A. My Etsy shop is the best place! I love to keep in touch with my fan base through Myspace: I Twitter a bit at The key to being a productive artist is not to have too much going on onine!

Q. Thank you for your time Jodie and I hope you've enjoyed answering these few questions.
A. Sure. Anytime. I enjoyed it. Peace and Etsy love!

Help Wanted

I want to keep my blog up to date with weekly interviews, links, exhibition info and more, however I've recently taken on a few new projects and looking at being a bit more time efficient without letting things slip.

One step in doing this is I'm looking for someone to help out by doing some posts for my blog. Sadly though I am unable to pay at this point in time, but if your interested feel free to email me at nicole_a_tattersall[at]

I'll be more than happy with at least one post per week. Ideally I would love someone from another country or state (I'm in Melbourne, Australia) so that it will allow for different content.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Acid Mousse - Giveaway - WINNER!

Congratulations to Simon, who has won the amazing bracelet by Acid Mouse
"My parents now are the owners of a table that I made in Secondary school using led lights, the recycled inner of a washing machine and a perspex top" - Simon
You can find out more about Nickala's creations by visiting

Behance - Tip

The wonderful people at Behance Magazine have put together yet another wonderful short article, this time it's all about how to communicate your strengths as a way to market yourself. To read this and many more great articles on design visit

Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm now on Twitter too! So feel free to follow me and see what little things I twitter about!

Don't forget that you can also find me online on:
Facebook -
Myspace -
Flickr -

Sunday, December 14, 2008

1800 Tequila

You can almost customise anything these days; shoes, t-shirts, car seat covers... and the list goes on. I'm not a huge fan of tequila but looking at the wonderful bottles that were released in early 2008 by 1800 tequila and finding out you can customise your own too, I'm very close to thought of passing on the gin and tonic for summer and mixing up some margeritias instead.
For more info and to check out some amazing designs visit

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Introducing 3...

With the current financial climate, why not save a little and do things yourself? I've complied a list of 3 sites that have some wonderful ideas and tips that are easy to follow.

Scarlettcat - Giveaway

Recently I did an interview with Scarlettcat which you can read here In short Scarlett is a self-taught Melbourne artist who loves to draw and paint playful, flirty big-eyed girls.
She's been drawing since she was knee-high to a grasshopper and currently works in a range of mediums - favouriting right now, pencil and gouache on paper. But that tends to change periodically.
You can find out more about Scarlettcat's illustrations by visiting

Scarlettcat has kindly offered 1 set or 3 badges, each featuring one of her girls for you to WIN.

Here's how you can enter:
- Visit Scarlettcat's Etsy Shop at
- Send me an email at nicole_a_tattersall[at] with the answer to...
Which one of Scarlettcat's adorable girls do you like the most and why?
- All entries are to be received by Friday 19 December 2008, 10pm
- It will be drawn via

Friday, December 12, 2008

Apot a Rubber Duck

Yes, you heard right you can adopt a rubber duck for only $5 each, in support of Life Saving Victoria.

The Great Australia Day Duck Race is held on the Yarra River in Melbourne. If your duck WINS! you could win a Mitsubishi Lancer! Better than any old raffle ticket. If you want a duck to keep it's only $5 too!

Having of been involved with Life Saving Victoria for over 10 years, I can say it is a great organisation to support. Visit for more info and on how to adopt a rubber duck.



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