Monday, December 29, 2008

Not Tested on Animals and Organic Beauty Products

I've fairly pale skin and so when surfing or doing anything else outdoors I must use sunscreen to protect my skin even with the nasties in it, it is the better of the two evils (chemicals in sunscreen or suffer from the effects of sunburn). There are a few things I take notice of when buying beauty products but two of the major ones are is it not tested on animals and how natural and safe is the product.

These days almost every company is claiming to be against animal testing but yet the company it self either uses ingredients that have been tested on animals or some of their products are. Only when it says not tested on animals is it truly animal testing free. To read more about this topic and for a list of which companies don't test on animals visit

So many things can be organic, but do you really want to put it on your skin? How do you know if it is truly orgnic/natural or just a marketing tool? I personally read the label and stick to brands I know. There is a fantasic free e-book that you can download that touches on all areas relating to organic/natural beauty products at that I highly reccomend taking a read of.

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