Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Kylie

Last week Kylie, the sole creater behind the gorgeous pieces from Early Bird Creations donated a wonderful necklace as a giveaway. Now I think it's about time to find out a little more and see what makes this talented girl ticks!

Q. Recently you offered a beautiful unique necklace as a giveaway, been featured in a Christmas Special and now I see it only fitting we do an interview. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into - interesting or not so interesting? Reasons?
A. I'm going to say interesting because it would be a bit self deprecating to go the other way. Reasons? Well in no particular order :
1. I'm short in stature and I'm of the firm belief that short people are always interesting...they have to be to make up for everyone looking over their heads.
2. I cook a mean fettucine carbonara...without cream! Yes you read correctly!
3. I have a teaching degree but spent a 18 months in the classroom as a casual teacher and decided I'd rather eat my own head than continue in that particular path, now I'm an English and Maths tutor which suites me much better!
4. I have a fascination for the mind and our emotions. It's becoming clear to me that we seem to make decisions based on our emotions most of the time whether they are negative or positive.
5. I'm a self-sabotaging writer who can't finish a novella to save my life!

Q. What originally inspired you most to start making jewelry?
A. I started way back when I was 14 however life got in the way and I did not seek it out again until 3 years ago. I am a fairly upbeat person however I went though a bit of a low patch and picked up some beads and thread one day to keep my fingers busy. Since then I haven't actually put them down and there is a small box of beads and thread/cord/leather permanently located underneath my coffee table. It has been therapeutic for me and for that reason only I am extremely thankful!

Q. If you were to pass on 3 keys tips you've found helpful about making jewellery what would they be?
A. 1. Never throw anything out! Store it away and explore it all later. Sometimes I have made the most funky pieces with materials that I hadn't touched for yonks.
2. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and brave with your creations. I think a lot of people shy away from doing something different for fear of criticism from family and friends.
3. Keep yourself organised...unfortunately I have a tendency of pulling a whole range of bead boxes out, spreading everything out and then ummm...not putting everything back. Yep, bad Kylie!

Q. Who would you love to create a piece for and what would it look like?
A. I am assuming that time travel is possible here as I would've loved to design a necklace for Frida Kahlo. She had such a strong sense of style and I do love the boldness of her design and dress. As for what it would look like? I need to think about that one!

Q. Which medium or technique that you are interested in trying/using next?
A. In the new year I'll be attending a PMC workshop which I'm very excited about! Also I have plans to learn to do lythographs which is far removed from jewellery and beads but something I have been putting off for far too long. Oh and next year I will also be participating in Nanowrimo which unfortunately I didn't get to do this year and really regret not putting aside the time to do.

Q. How have you found selling your pieces online compared to in person through shops, markets, ect?
A. Selling online is hard work... but then again so is getting out there in person and selling to boutiques, gift shops and at markets. The one thing I will say about selling online is that it's allowed me to reach a wider audience and I've been fortunate to connect with so many people. Oh and I have flexible working hours... that's a big bonus!

Q. As one of thousands of online jewelry sellers, what some tips you care to share about standing out from the crowd? (without giving away any secrets)
A. PHOTOGRAPHY...learn a bit about it and invest in some good camera and photo-editing software. I use photoshop and am just about to update my camera to something spiffy (need to do some research first). Also in order to have a cohesive looking shop you need to pick one or two backgrounds and and use those and only those for your item photos. As well as those points I can't stress enough the importance of developing your own style and listening to yourself (not is a strange 'voices in your head' kinda way) when your designing. Block out others opinions because 9/10 times what others say won't do you any good. This might seem like vague advice but I think everything kind of flows on if you believe your own thoughts rather than someone elses.

Q. What's in store for Early Bird Creations in the near future?
A. Over Christmas I will be developing a little newsletter for my customers which I hope to send out every couple of months. It will include special offers and new items as well as any festivals or markets I will be attending.

Q. Where online can people visit to read up and see more of your beautiful pieces?
A. To see my pieces you can go to my Etsy shop OR my Madeit shop My blog has no structure at all and is really just spontaneous ramblings both personal and business-related, but I like it!

Q. Kylie, just want to say thank you and I hope you've enjoyed answering these few questions?
A. Thankyou so much Nicole, it's been an absolute pleasure! But now I'm exhausted and so a nanna nap might be in order :)

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