Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting Re-cap

Being the silly season and all I thought that for this weeks post for 'Interesting or not so Interesting' I would do a little re-cap on three of my favorite questions from the interviews during the past few months.

With Rock Photographer Kate Griffin...

Q. I know I've accidentally deleted half the pics without backing up, what's been one of your biggest cringe moments?
A. ooooohhh...last night, a friend who's band is printing their EP asked for a shot i took of them at Pony over a year ago....after searching for it in my back ups and not finding a high res version i remembered that I decided the those pics were never going to be good enough to do anything with so I deleted the originals, figuring they'd only ever be needed for low res internet stuff.......eeeep.

To read the whole interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Rock Photographer Kate Griffin

With Street Artist Ears

Q. What direction do you think street art in general is heading in?
A. That's a pretty crazy question.. street art is constantly pushing in so many different directions all at once.. and it depends what city you live in.. and what country.. I can only speak for Sydney. I think the scene here is headed for big things. feels like a whole scene has just been born and all sorts of artists are getting involved and coming out of the woodwork.

To read the rest of the interview visit Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Street Artist Ears

With Meggs

Q. You already use a wide variety of mediums and techniques, what is your artistic weapon of choice? Is there another medium you plan to work with in the near future or expand upon?
A. Right now my weapon of choice is a combination of acrylics and aerosol, especially developing my techniques with acrylics and creating layered colours and textures. I made some plaster casts for my last exhibition so I think molding and casting is something I'd like to explore more in future.

Check out the rest of the interview at Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Meggs

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