Saturday, November 22, 2008

Surf Report

My grand plan for this weekend was to go surfing, as last weekend I didn’t because it was too small... well this weekend it’s BIG and messy thanks to 20 - 30 knot southly winds. Fun? Maybe... Enjoyable? Maybe... but no thanks. So I think it’s a weekend to be spent catching up on stuff, painting and maybe even watching the weather as according to all reports Melbourne is in for a month worth of rain in one weekend.

Also I fully believe that is a little wise not to go when the surf reports on Swellnet ( look a little like this:

Phillip Island
Updated: Sat Nov 22nd, 7:58am
Surf: stormy 3ft
Wind: strong S
Weather: a few showers
Dawn Patrol: Swell is very wind blown and yet to build which it should through the day. Cold with showers - a day for the tele or to decide whether you want bevelled edges and may be chanells in that new Xmas kneeboard. Hope you came up with some nice art work? Can always get the kids to help. H 728, L 117 & S 15kts. DeKnee.

Western Port Daily Surf Report
Updated: Sat Nov 22nd, 12:14pm
Surf: sloppy 3-4ft
Wind: very strong SSW
Weather: very cold
Dawn Patrol: pretty much a write off day for surfing, the ocean doesnt look inviting at all. 30-35 knot SSW winds. late chance for a wave in westernport but it will have to be in one of the more protected corners as the wind is destroying most surf breaks today.

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