Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh Calendar How I...

Lately it seems that everyone is bringing out a wall calendar in some sort of form for 2009. Generally I don’t really buy them, though I did a little while back when at the Melbourne exhibition ‘Some Type of Wonderful’. Who could resist, it’s black foil on black paper, crisp white sheets featuring a different type of typography for each month and it just looks stunning

Is there a trend happening that people feel they must grace their walls with these useful pieces of design? I honestly don’t know. However there have been a few calendars that recently caught my eye and even had me contemplating covering an entire wall with them... ummm...

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  1. I currently have a desk calendar hung on my office door! LOL

    The cardboard got bent, so I hung it up. Hoe that doesn't start a trend!

    I am a planner calendar person. My favorite planner is too expensive and each year I look at them and say, maybe next year. My leather binder that holds it is quite heavy. But it has all the features.

    I was just thinking about finding my new planner this morning, so it was funny coming upon your blog.

    I found you on etsy, That's where
    you can find me too!




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