Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Melbourne Fashion Artist Leeana Edwards

Having of recently been overseas, currently in the middle of wedding plans, working a full-time job and more, Leeana Edwards manages to still create amazing pieces, from various inspirations, which just leaves your jaw on the ground. Here is a quick interview I manage to get from her, in her busy schedule.

Q. Leeana, I’ve been doing a weekly interview with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog, and I would be delighted if you could answer some questions. Which category do you fall into, interesting or not so interesting, why?
A. Hmmmm I think I'm pretty interesting.... I take a fun approach to fashion and my passion for any thing textile is a bit obsessive

Q. Lately you've been away from Australia globe trotting the world, what is the one thing you could say is a must for anyone to check out that you came across during your 5 week trip in Europe?
A. PARIS is a must for any one that loves anything fashion... shop windows, cafes, bars it all looks like a well styled film set. BERLIN is home to some of the best street art in the world, everywhere you look there is a visual stimulation.... you can never be bored in a city like Berlin... no matter what you may be into this is a city that can accommodate every creative persons need for inspiration.

Q. Being the fashion artist that you are, what were some major fashion design ideas/tips that you’ve brought back with you?
A. Paris gave me a bit of a ruffle thing... I'm embracing the gathers and layers, lets see where it takes me...

Q. Back on home turf, if someone was interested in checking out some of the unique fashions that Melbourne has to offer where would you send them to?
A. Sydney rd is where it's at for me... the variety along this strip is awe inspiring.... the ideas and the presentation of fashion by not only the shops, but of Brunswick's quirky inhabitants is really quite unique... Melbourne truly has it's own style which i am really proud to be a contributor to....

Q. Where do you draw most of your inspiration from, for your fabulous designs?
A. Every where..... architecture, anime, street art, 1950's textiles, tailored suits, harajuku, parrallel lines, oh the list goes on, I have no boundaries as to what may inspire me..... an idea creates a domino effect

Q. If you could create a design for anyone who would it be? What would you design for them?
A. I would love to design a piece for Bjork.... totally sculptured, over the top, big collar, hoops in skirt, layers, textures, wearable art.... she wears this kind of garment so comfortably...

Q. What are 3 of the most important tips that you would give to someone wanting to make a start in fashion design?
A. 1. find your individual style
2. experiment with shapes, textures and colours
3. make garments that stand out from the crowd

Q. Are there some new and exciting projects that you have coming up?
A. I'm currently working with the art dept for a short film, doing costume, make up and set styling... this is a new venture for me so I'm pretty excited about the final production days where it will all come together.... And biggest project yet.. my wedding to Redouane on the 31st of Jan 09

Q. If people want to learn more about you and your designs which websites should they visit?
A. My website is currently under construction, will be up shortly..

Q. Thank you Leeana, hope you enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Hey cheers babe xxxxxxxxx

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