Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Melbourne Musician Steven Cannatelli

Steven Cannatelli is currently in transition and what better time to grab an interview from this Melbourne Musician than when on the road to bigger and better things. This is about where his come from, where he is going and what he knows.

Q. As you know I've been doing a weekly interview with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Would love for you to be part of one. Which category do you fall into, interesting or not so interesting, why?
A. Well... I don't really consider myself an interesting person coming from the world I come from, that being the Artistic World full of Musicians, Bands and Artists but I guess if your not from that world you may find me a little bit intriguing

Q. From a Melbourne musicians point of view where in Melbourne can someone go and see some of Melbourne's best musical talents and get a good beer?
A. Well Melbourne is Australia's Capital of Live Music so anywhere in the city really... The HIFI Bar, The Forum, The Palace Theatre or just your local pub or street corner in the city. We also have stacks of Festivals here in Victoria over the summer and the beer is always cold :)

Q. For a while you were the bass guitarist for Caleb Garfinkel and the Dreaded Nomads, your typically not a folk muso, what was one of the major things that you learnt from being apart of this band?
A. I guess I learn't that an artist should be themselves at ALL times. I never really felt I fitted into that band, scene or image but I’ve always had a really strong connection with Acoustic Instruments which was probably what lead me to play in The Dreaded Nomads. There's something about a Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Melody that can reach or put me in a state of mind quicker than any chemical or substance. Later I released that you don't have to always use Traditional Instruments in a Traditional way... The more a mucked about with Lap Steels, Slide Guitars and Acoustics I released that there is more than one way to skin a cat

Q. Which musicians/bands have been major influences for you? Who would you like to jam with most, why?
A. My Musical Influences are extremely broad ranging from Folk right through to Death Metal with everything in between but right now I’d have to say Xavier Rudd, Chris Whitley, Kaki King and Bring Me The Horizon are my main influences. I've actually had a brief jam with Xavier Rudd, that was awesome :) he introduced me to Lap Steel Guitar but if Chris Whitley was alive I would love to jam with him and if Bring Me The Horizon asked me to go on tour with them, I’d be there in a second :) Those dude's are OUT OF CONTROL!

Q. Have you found that over the years your musical influences have changed? What impact do you think this has had on your own style?
A. My Musical Influences change every week if not day lol I worked as a Music Advisor for JB HIFI for a while and so therefore was introduced to ALOT of different music. I'd find myself buying CD's everyday of different genres, artists and spending 4 hours a night or so just listening and exploring what every artist has to offer. I'd often hear something when I was younger and go 'Yeah I should write something like that' but later realised that I’m just not that kind of dude, I’ve got to give something back to music that is mine, otherwise what is the point... No one wants to hear another so and so...

Q. Do you have any major crazy fan/groupie moments that you care to share?
A. LoL I have over the years but I’d prefer to keep that to myself mainly for the respect of my fans/groupies :) They've all been great people and I thank them for making my musical career alot of fun so far :)

Q. If you were to give anyone some advice on starting out as a musician what would it be?
A. Do it because you love it, don't do it for money, popularity or any other reason other than you love what you do because at the end of the day the money will get spent, the popularity will fade and you'll be left with a guitar in your hand just like how you started out... Or whatever instrument you decided on

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up for you? New projects? Where to next?
A. Well after playing in bands the last 10 years I’ve decided to move onto a solo project which includes Lap Steels, Steel Body Guitars and a Guitars made out of Carbon Fibre ALL of which I’m not going to be doing anything traditional on. I've incorporated techniques from many other instruments... All I can say so far is that the style is very Dark, Eerie and Haunting at times with a splash of Aggressiveness and Angst!

Q. Where can people find out more about you and is there any web sites you want to plug?
A. I actually just set up a Facebook Music page earlier today with majority of things I’ve done to date eg. Recordings, Photo's, Biography etc... There's no solo tunes on there, heading into the studio later this month to record here's the link:

Q. Thank you Steve for taking time out of your busy schedule, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Always :)

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