Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With All Rounder Konsumterra

Several months ago I met Konsumterra and the best way I can describe this artist is by saying that they are a mix bag of lollies that is full of all your favorites, passionate, aspiring, getting out there and more. Before I go on and on and on... too much, I'll let you find out for your self by reading this weeks interview.

Q. Hi Konsumterra would love for you to be my next interviewie with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Are you up for it? Which do you think you are interesting or not so interesting? Why?

A.That would depend on what your interested in. I do have my own fanbase - some people like my slightly cranky simple black and white punky stuff, others like my naughty characters or my irrelevant collage. I cant keep up with work so i must be doing ok.

Q. Originally from Adelaide (SA, Australia) and now being based in Sydney (NSW, Australia) what do you see being the main differences in street art between the two?
A. Sydney loves its 80's writing NYC style for graffiti and the inner city is dominated by character paste ups. Adelaide had really good variety of styles. I guess lots of fringe cultures i love have died in Adelaide while Sydney has plenty of filthy alleys, abandoned places and probably the numbers for them to survive here. My political crews in both states already overlapped lots (as well all links in Europe and Indonesia). It's easier to accommodate my various styles and fellow artists here.

Q. The Sydney street art scene appears to be growing by day, where do you see it heading to in the next year or so?
A. It would be nice if we could train up an audience to buy and collect and keep anti graff lobbyists off our backs so we could earn a living. There is a big paste scene here now nothing like my first efforts in 89. I just want more variety and tolerance too.

Q. You've played a huge part in organising events around Australia for not only the art scene but also the DIY and zine community, why do you think they go so well together?
A. They are quite different in many respects - but i think the scenes nurture those who cant stop making art and showing it off.

Q. Stencil, Photography, Pasteup's, Zine's and more... you've varied outlets, what you you say is your favorite medium to work with?
A. Probably depends on time and resources. Right now im a posca pen nerd. Stencils have become so mainstream teachers and councils use them everywhere - i tend to do more stencil for a living as i actually hate cutting stuff out and don't have lots of space right now. My digital stuff has frozen without a good set up but i have been doing retro printer works with my back catalog. A trailer of my old art from SA arrived recently so expect more photography and more agitpop the next year. I loved working with a magazines like Entropy and Bogue and would like to do one again.

Q. What has been one of the most eye brow raising comments you've received for our works?
A."You are all just doing 80's computer game characters you kids"

Q. Like most creative people I'm sure you've had some close calls or funny moments, any you would like to share?
A.Ones id repeat are few: Old people praising you for being hard working lads for having buckets of glu at nite until they discover your not advertising any product of being paid at which point the freak out

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up for you? New projects?
A. Consolidate more of my recent success, paint more, a book for 10 years of crash corporation, get a new computer.

Q. Where can people find out more about you and check out your art work?
A. Im on Myspace and flickr under konsumterra
A podcast lecture given by Chris to the South Australian School of Art (UniSA) is available at:
A photo slideshow of my tour is online at he Sydney Morning Herald website:

Q. Thank you so very much Konsumterra, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. My pleasure

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