Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Kirpy From Melbourne

As a stencil artist myself I thought it about time that I interviewed one of the up and comers who’s works just blow away every single time I see them. This week I introduce you to Kirpy... Kirpy this is the Readers, Readers this is Kirpy.

Q. Kirpy, I would love for you to be my next interviewee with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into interesting or not so interesting? Why?
A. I hope I'd be a bit interesting. Then again I've never been too good with my words. I'll let you decide...

Q. Being Melbourne based, where would you advise someone whose visiting and wanting to see some of the best street art Melbourne has to offer to check out?
A. All around the city and surrounding suburbs is quality. Also jump on a train and check out the lines (if you don't mind a bit of eye-darting).
Of course you can check out the numerous guides and check out the Melbourne City council who are making a quick buck by exploiting street artists (fucking hypocrites).

Q. Recently the Melbourne Street Art Scene has been a little up and down with the new laws that are in place. Where do you see the Melbourne scene heading in the next 1-2 years?
A. "Street art" has declined a little and a lot of people are turning to more traditional graff. Change and variation is always good. Personally I don't think the new laws have had much effect. If you love painting then a few scare tactics aren't going to make anyone stop.

Q. Which Melbourne artists inspire you? Or whose work you really enjoy?
A. There are a truck load. In Melbourne it would have to be Flies crew, Everfresh, F1 and a hell of a lot of other writers. That's the graffiti side of it. For stenciled and canvas work Kenji Nakayama would be one of my favorite artists. I also really like Meggs' new canvas work. But really, there is a large group of artists that inspire me.

Q. Stencil, freehand and more, what's your favorite medium to work with?
A. Will always enjoy stencils, but sometimes it gets a bit tedious working on a piece and not seeing much visually stimulating progress, other then tiny bits of paper piling up. So I enjoy painting freehand which breaks things up nicely.

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up for you? New projects or exhibitions?
A. Throughout the year I have been preparing for my first solo exhibition, the reason why I haven't been involved in much else this year. The show opens in December at 696, flyers will be printed and uploaded soon. But the show consists of a whole collection of new work and I'm really looking forward to it. Been a good new experience so far.

Q. What has been one of the most eye brow raising comments you've received for your works?
A. People comparing me to Logan Hicks I reckon is pretty eye brow raising. Not sure how I feel about it, I guess I take it as a compliment though. One thing is that I will always continue to hand cut my stencils.

Q. Like most creative people I'm sure you've had some close calls or funny moments, any you would like to share?
A. None that really come to mind. Guess I'm moving closer to that uninteresting category...

Q. Where can people find out more about you and check out your art work?
A. You can check me out here:
I've also got work regularly hanging in 696 gallery. [696 Sydney road, Brunswick]

Q. Cheers Kirpy, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Very much, cheers.

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