Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Comply 2008

For those of who who don't know No Comply is a skateboard art exhibition that's held each year. 2008 bring you some of my favorite artists such as Beastman, Drew, Kill Pixie, Meggs, Miso, Reka, Rone, Sync and Yok, along with many more from around the globe. This is a RSVP event and you will need to send an email to nocomply[at]

No Vacancy
27-33 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne
Opening Night - Friday 7 November, 6pm-8pm
Exhibition - Friday 7 November Sunday 23 November 2008
Website: or

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NEW Artwork!

Today I just finished the first one of my 'Footloose' necklaces. They are based on the feet from my 'is it Jack or is it Jill' illustration series and puppets. A few of them will be available at Mushroom Crafts as part of the 'Fruits from the Family Tree' exhibition and via contacting me directly via email (nicole_a_tattersall[at] for just $50ea.
Each one will come with a card that states what number it is and when it was created. The length of each one is around 1.5m which allows for many different ways that they can be worn. They are all hand made/painted by myself.

Also I'm about to embark on some fresh new paintings! So keep your keys peeled, for new pics of fresh new pieces.

P.S So sorry for no interview this Wednesday, I've been a bit to much all over the place.

NEW Drawings And Prints By Stark & Mr. Fikaris

Brunswick Bound
361 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 8 November 2008 2pm-5pm
Exhibition: Saturday 8 - Sunday 30 November 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Skulls As Gifts To The Dead

100 Decorated Skulls as Gifts for the dead, Curated by M.P Fiaris in associated with the Hola Mexico Film Festival.

Some of the artists that I think will be worth checking out are Tom Civil, Dabs and Myla, Doyle, Drew, Ha-Ha, Happy, Meggs, Phibs, Qui, Reka, Side Project, Zoe Scoglio and Vexta. But with 100 Skulls, I'm sure that there will be plenty more that will grab your attention.

Michael Koro Galleries
110 Franklin Street, Melbourne
Opening Night - Saturday 1 November, 6pm-9pm
Cost - Free Admission

Where The Dry Leaves Fall: Leah Bartholomew

‘Where the Dry Leaves Fall has been skillfully crafted by Leah Bartholomew with patience, warmth and simplicity. Her clean and bold, yet delicate artwork uses giclee prints, potato stamps, wooden sculptures, watercolours and tissue collages that dig up memories of carefree days, child crafts, birthday cards you wished you’d kept and your favourite story books.

You will be taken to a place where it’s just before harvest time and dry wheat leaves stream like ribbons in the wind. There is a whole world hidden in the corn fields - a world of innocence and nostalgia, early nights and vast dreams. The children you will meet have skin like honey and feathers in their hair, they play under an endless sky, singing songs about summer and freedom, and don’t spare a second for thoughts of growing up.

Leah has put together an impressive show of 2D and 3D works that are guaranteed to delight young and old.'

‘Leah Bartholomew, originally from Tweed Heads in NSW, studied Fine Arts at Queensland College of Arts and Southern Cross University followed by Graphic Arts at RMIT University and currently lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria.

Since completion of her studies, Bartholomew has gained respect from her work throughout Australia and overseas, contributing artwork for clothing and home ware lines including Princess Tina, Tiny Mammoth, Blank, Built By Wendy (New York), Beams(Tokyo), Gorman, Insight, Genki, Mambo and Element Skateboards. Her artwork in recent years has become greatly sought out for, leading to major publishing house Allen & Unwin Australia requesting and using her work.

Since 2006, Leah Bartholomew has been the assistant to well-known and well-loved artist and designer Beci Orpin.

Leah Bartholomew has previously participated in group shows in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Melbourne, and has continued on to produce astounding and delightful pieces for her first solo exhibition at Gorker Gallery.'

Gorker Gallery
395 Gore Street, Fitzroy
Opening Night - Thursday 30 October, 6pm-9pm
Exhibition - Thursday 30 October to Sunday 16 November 2008
Open - Wednesday - Friday 3pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 7pm
Cost - This is a free event

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baden Pailthorpe Solo Show

'A visual homage to Jack Kerouac’s Lonesome Traveler, Baden Pailthorpe’s work in Translocality chronicles his experiences as a traveler in countries such as Iran, Turkey and France from 2005-08. Flirting with questions of place and temporality, the sweet melancholy of Pailthorpe’s photographs is a tribute to the wonderment and loneliness that follows a lonesome traveler’s alienated interaction with exotic cultures and places.'
Oh Really
55 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 30 October 2008, 6pm-9pm

Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

Featuring 50+ of Australia's finest artists, with works on 2 Twelve Inch Vinyl Records. The artists whose works I'm really looking forward to checking out are Cultural Urge, Dabs, Jota One, Meggs, Kid Zoom, Reka, SMC[3] and Sear.

Per Square Meter Gallery
191-193 Johnston Street, Collingwood
Opening Night - Friday 31 October, 7pm-9pm
Exhibition - Wednesday 29 October to Sunday 9 November 2008
Cost - Free Admission

Sketch in the City @ Sketch City

I'll be painting at Sketch City along side My Charlie Girl, Snookie and other highly talented ladies this Sunday November 2... if your in Melbourne come down and check it out and say hi. All the info is on the flyer, you can also check out their My Space page too or their website Don’t forget Sketch City Melbourne is run the 1st Sunday of each month.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melbourne Street Art

Just a little something that caught my eye on Punt Road the other day that I thought was worth sharing. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

FREE Shipping - Red Bubble

Till the 30th of October there is FREE Shipping on all Red Bubble purchases. All you have to do is on check out put in the code '100000masterpieces' and presto no shipping fee. Now is the time to grab a unique gift for someone or a little treat for you self! Don't forget while your there to check out my current pieces that I've available.

Introducing 3...

Food glorious food... la la la la laaaaa..... as I'm about to embark on a bit of a challenge soon of cooking a 6 coarse thank you dinner for someone, I thought I would also share 3 recipe websites that I find very helpful and user friendly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fetish For Books

In the past week I've acquired so many different things of the one thing I love - BOOKS!

I recently ordered MURAKAMI a book on one of my much loved artists who currently resides on New York but is from Tokyo. You would know him for his work with LV (those coloured logo bags).

Then as a congratulations gift for the recent exhibition I was given 'The Art of Finding Nemo', which since I'm such a huge fan of all things Disney (to an extent) I love, love, love it!

Last night at the Type is Wonderful exhibition, I grabbed my self a copy of the Calendar as I couldn't choose which print I liked best.

Today I then bought a copy of Curvy and Frankie, so I think I've now fed my book case enough for this week.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Artists Wanted!

I'm in an exhibition for the month of December in Korrumburra (South Gippsland), Victoria and there is a spare room to fill. So I'm going to curate a side show for 8 artists to exhibit 3 - 4 pieces.

There are already some locked in artists, but a handful of spaces are still available.

If your interested email me at nicole_a_tattersall[at] with some pics of your work, a bit of info and I'll get back to you early next week.

The commission is 25% and I'll require the pieces by Wednesday 26 November. This is all the details I have for now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With WA based Willem

On the 1st of October I featured 5 Australian Esty sellers, one of them being Willem a highly talented person who creates pieces that can best be described as wearable art as I feel that by describing them as jewelery is to much of a general term. I couldn't resist not asking him to be apart of Interesting or not so Interesting to find out more about Willem and his pieces.
Q. Willem, recently I featured your wonderful pieces in my Etsy Feature and would now love for you to be my next interviewee with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Are you up for it? Which category do you think you fall into interesting or not so interesting? Why?
A. Would love to answer your questions,
yes I think I am an interesting person as I feel I have lead a fascinating life with its many ups and downs, especially when I was flying.

Q. You've travelled the globe, and it shows through your work. Where do you think you are most inspired from?
A. I have also visited some very exciting places and met interesting people who have influenced me in ways that now have formed my life. Adding to all this I have a mixed cultural background: my mother being from Sri Lanka and my father Dutch, born in Indonesia and I did my tertiary education in the UK.

Q. Is there somewhere where you've not yet been but would like to travel to and explore their jewellery making skills?

A. Yes, I would like to travel to South America to learn more about their jewellery, their culture, especially as it has been influenced by the Myan and Inca dynasties. It is also such a colourful place.

Q. Where on Earth would you say is a must visit place? Why?
A. I would say Egypt because of its ancient history to visit their museums to see the wonderful pieces of jewellery reflecting this antiquity.

Q. Which medium do you prefer to work with most?
A. Metals, especially silver and gold when I can afford it.

Q. Has there ever been a medium you wished you could work with but it just didn't work? How did you deal with this?
A. I have recently been using rusty iron, which I found in a paddock on a friend’s farm. I have been trying to combine it with silver to make a new line of jewellery. I initially found it very hard and frustrating, especially soldering the two metals together, but finally I think I have managed to do it. One of my pictures shows this. (Above)

Q. What has been one of the most eyebrow raising comments you've received for your pieces?
A. A couple of pieces I have made have raised the comment that they are very sexual. Perhaps I should start an Erotica collection!!!

Q. Every artist seems to have turning points in their work, what is one of your biggest ones?
A. When I discovered fold forming through looking at and reading the works of Charles Newton-Brain. I have found this type of work exciting and I am still trying to discover new ways of working with it.

Q. Where can people find out more about you and check out your jewellery?
A. On my website:

Q. Cheers Willem, hope you've enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. Very much so. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cream Coloured Ponies & Crisp Apple Strudels

Two talented young ladies who I was in ‘Across the Universe and Back Again’ with, Bec Winnel and Kelly Smith will also showing their works in the upcoming ‘Cream Coloured Ponies & Crisp Apple Strudels’ exhibition at The Grand Social pop-up store in Paddington, NSW. Kareena Zerefos, Courtney Brims, Anna Pogossova, Eugenia Tsimiklis, Tina Salama & tmod will also have their works on show.
‘Cream Coloured Ponies & Crisp Apple Strudels’ is only only for 2 days so be quick!

The Grand Social Pop-up Store
461 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney
Opening Night: Thursday 30 October 2008, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Friday 31 Ocotber - Saturday 1 November 2008, 11am - 6pm.

Some Type of Wonderful

They’ve invited 12 of their favorite artists and designers from around the globe to join them in a typographic project called Some Type Of Wonderful where each artist has been asked to respond typographically to a design brief related to a designated month of the year. Each of the unique designs will be offered through as signed, limited edition A1 Giclee prints. They will also be available all together as a limited edition, beautifully designed 2009 wall calendar to enjoy for the following year.

The 12 featured artists are:
Alex Trouchut
Merijn Hos
Jesse Hora
Si Scott
Timba Smits
Justin Lee Williams
Niels Shoe Meulman
Steve Espo Powers
Luke Lucas

Some Type Of Wonderful will also be holding an exhibition of the works at Melbourne’s McCulloch Gallery.

Mc Culloch Gallery
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne,
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 23 October 2008, 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 22 to Saturday 25 October 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Reka - Against The Grain

Against The Grain is a a solo exhibition of fresh new works by Melbourne Based Reka One that will be held the Waste Land Gallery in Perth.

Waste Land Gallery
Level 1, 44 King Street, Perth
Opening: Wednesday 25 October 2008, 7pm till late
Website: or

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Artwork at Stay Human

Yesterday I dropped off some 'Spray Animals' to a new gallery opening up in Melbourne called Stay Human located at 368 bridge rd (upstairs at Boheme Resturant). Open Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 6pm. The official opening will be in a few weeks but if your in the area why not stop by. It's such an amazing space. For more info either visit or

Don't forget that I've currently got artworks in the following shows that are on right now
- ST2K at Pine Street Gallery, 64 Pine Street, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW, Australia till 30 October 2008
- Across the Universe and Back Again at No Vacancy, Red Cape Lane (QV), Melbourne, VIC, Australia
till 22 October 2008

You can also
locate pieces of my work at the following places:
- Oh Really Gallery,
55 Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia
- Cafe Moby, 41 The Esplanade, Torquay, VIC, Australia
- Mushroom Crafts, 40 Bair St, Leongatha, VIC, Australia
- Artholes, 117 North Brunswick St, Fitzroy, VIC, Australia
Kush Kush, 8 Vista Place, Cape Woolamai (Phillip Island), VIC, Australia

Also if you would like to buy online feel free to visit:
- Etsy
- Redbubble

Noisy Decent Graphics

This morning I came across a delightful design blog Noisy Decent Graphics it is written by Ben Terrett, a Graphic Designer in London. His blog is primarily about graphic design followed by design in general and then some related stuff about communication, ideas and inevitably brands. Some of the topics he writes about are really helpful an some just make you have a little bit of a giggle.

To view Noisy Decent Graphics visit

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fruit from the Family Tree

This exhibition is a little different to the ones that you are more than likely use to seeing my work in. 'Fruit from the Family Tree' is an exhibition that will feature 3 generations and so for the first time I get to exhibit alongside my grandparents, uncles, auntie and three of my cousins. If your in, around or traveling through Leongatha, a small town in South Gippsland feel free to stop by.

The works that I'll have on display will be those from the one currently on at No Vacancy, Across the Universe and Back Again with a a few new pieces along the same line.

I don't have the details yet, but the pieces from 'Fruit from the Family Tree' will be shown in a near by town to Leongatha, Korrumburra for the month of December.

Nesting & Dying - Miso & Ghost Patrol at Metro 5

' We'll be giving an artist talk on November the 2nd at 2pm at the gallery.
The exhibition of new framed drawings, paper cuts and pencil works will be accompanied by a unique score commissioned for the show.
A new amazing book will be launched at this show. Thanks to Timba (wooden toy) for putting it all together.' - GP
Metro 5
1214 High st Armadale, Melbourne.
Opening: Wednesday 22 October, 2008, 6pm - 9pm
Exhibition: Wednesday 22 - Sunday 9 October, 2008

Introducing 3...

Colour! Working as a graphic designer and doing some art in my spare tine means I should really know about colour. So where online do I find colour schemes, information and more? Below are three of my top colour sites, enjoy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Art & About - Sydney

Currently I've three pieces in the ST2K at Pine Street Gallery in Sydney for the month of October, as part of Art & About. One of them 'Rain Birds' was chosen to be featured in the free guide to promote ST2K for this month long art festival, which I was so stoaked about. Just yesterday I came home and waiting for me on the kitchen bench were several copies of it, what a nice way to end a busy week!

" This October, City of Sydney is bringing a fabulous array of art, music and performance to our streets and public spaces with Art & About celebrating Sydney’s cultural spirit.

Oxford Street, one of Sydney’s most loved precincts and home to the world famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, is the focus of many activities. There’s roaming bands, exhibitions and the hilarious Love TV, a performance installation referencing the area's colourful history and personal stories.

Sydney Life, the popular exhibition of large-scale photographs, returns to Hyde Park. City and neighbouring Village streets come alive with a retrospective of striking images on banners from past Open Gallery exhibitions. There’s an exciting public art project celebrating the role of horses in Erskineville, and in the CBD, our laneways become vibrant exhibition and performance spaces with works from some of Sydney’s most interesting artists." - Art and About

For more information on Art & About visit

Maya Festival

This Saturday I'll be live painting at the Maya Festival along with a few other girls, if your there come by and say hi. Also fellow Stencil artist Satta Van Daal will also be live painting to and I've heard rumors that he will be doing a silent auction of the pieces he creates on the day, which will be great opportunity to purchase an amazing piece.

"In just 4 years the Maya Festival has gone from a small gathering to one of Melbourne’s most unique and popular alternative festivals. Situated in the lush surrounds of the inner city oasis CERES, the festival features three stages of music, the ‘Global Village’ with wellbeing, workshop areas & children's zone, world class visual art and decor, dancers, roving performers, plus a wide selection of food and market stalls.

Maya Festival represents the ‘unity in diversity’. It attracts a colourful and vibrant audience who’s openness to various styles of music, and art-forms, has allowed the festival to grow into something very special. Maya Festival attracts cutting edge bands and dj’s, a colourful array of performers and dancers, and continues to evolve each year surpassing expectations.

The intention of Maya Festival is to create a space of openness, beauty, inspiration and creativity. We hope you will be able to directly experience the magic of Maya Festival together with us in 2008." - Maya Festival

For more information about this festival please visit

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Across the Universe & Back Again - Update 2

Everyone else has made me look slack by posting pics up from last night as quick as they could... me? I was so exhausted that... well... I'm doing it almost 24hrs hours so please forgive me. Please sit back with a glass of wine on and hand and browse through to pictures of last nights exhibition at No Vacancy - Across the Universe and Back Again featuring the following 11 artists (inc. myself) Lisa King, Nickas, Snookie, Scarlett, Kelly Smith, Deb, Honor Bowden, Bec Winnel, Nicole Tattersall, Rachee Renee and Lauren Sutter.

I would also like to say a BIG - THANK YOU to all who came along last night to the opening.



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