Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Street Artist Ears

Last week I had Q&A with Rock Photographer Kate Griffin, this week I bring you Sydney based street artist Ears. Having of witnessed his style grow in leaps and bounds over the past year or so I couldn't resist but to send him a email and hit him up for an interview and get an overview of where street art is heading.

Q. As you know I've started doing a weekly interview with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Keen to be one of the many? Do you think you think you fit into the interesting or not so interesting category?
A. interesting

Q. Being based in Sydney is there one thing that you can recommend to any one visiting to check out, that may be a bit off the tourist route?
A. the courty in newtown. great pub.

Q. Since you've visited Melbourne, I could ask the age old question who is better Sydney or Melbourne, but I think you'll be a bit biased, so what's one thing you love about Melbourne and one thing you love about Sydney?
A. love brunswick street in melbz, and king street in newtown/sydney..

Q. In your works you use such an array of materials and mediums but what are your all time favorites?
A. spray, poscas and shellac

Q. Who (either alive or dead) inspires you? If you could have a beer at the local pub with just one of them who would it be?
A. brett whitely
Q. When stuck for motivation/inspiration what do you do to get the creative juices flowing?
A. look at mags/books/movies...

Q. What direction do you think street art in general is heading in?
A. thats a pretty crazy question.. street art is constantly pushing in so many different directions all at once.. and it depends what city you live in.. and what country.. I can only speak for sydney. i think the scene here is headed for big things. feels like a whole scene has just been born. and all sorts of artists are getting involved and coming out of the woodwork..

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up on the horizon for you? New projects?
A. doing a show at mori gallery, some live painting at various festivals in sept. the launch of a new gallery space i started with ohreally is this week on thurs! and im still hoping to get to newyork.. but not till next year.

Q. Where can people find out more about you and is there any websites you want to plug?
A. we have a site. but we havent had much time to moderate it.. any takers.. its an unpaid job?.. haha. but yeh id like to big up we are the image makers its a great site. and Brad does good things for the scene.

Q. Cheers Ears for taking time to do this, have you enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. of course.

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