Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Interesting Or Not So Interesting With Rock Photographer Kate Griffin

I'm no self proclaimed journalist but I've made the decision to once a week have an interview with someone who I feel maybe be interesting or not so interesting, so here is the first cab of the rank...

A while a ago I did a quick write up on Kate Griffin, since then she has embarked on a trip around Europe with 2 other friends of mine, taken dozens more photos and more... I was able to grab her via a quick email with some questions to find out what she's been up to, where she is going and that maybe sometimes deleting those low res pics aren't a great idea.

Q. As you know I'm starting a weekly interview with interesting or not so interesting people for my blog. Are you keen to be the one answering questions for a change? Do you think your interesting or not?

A. oh god no, i think i'm incredibly mundane

Q. Lately you've been away from Australia globe trotting the world, what is the one thing you could say is a must for anyone to check out?
A. Belin! Beautiful, decadant, cheap

Q. So far on your trip how many pics/rolls of film/KB have you gone through? What do you think you took the most photos of?
A. I shot about 35gig and one roll of black and white...most pics were of the wedding i shot in Denmark

Q. Back on home turf you do a stack of music photography, who or whom have been to date the most fun to do a photo shoot with? I would ask who wasn't but that's not fair.

A. haha :) Sneaky Sound System was aball, not my personal taste in music but they are charismatic and put on a brilliant show.

Q. I know I've accidentally deleted half the pics without backing up, what's been one of your biggest cringe moments?
A. ooooohhh...last night, a friend who's band is printing their EP asked for a shot i took of them at Pony over a year ago....after searching for it in my back ups and not finding a high res version i remembered that I decided the those pics were never going to be good enough to do anything with so I deleted the originals, figuring they'd only ever be needed for low res internet stuff.......eeeep.

Q. Maybe time for a what if kinda question... if you could do a photo shoot with anyone, who would it be? Me personally would love to take snaps of Liv Tyler.
A. oooohhh...hard one....i'm making a list..Live - The Killers....they're brilliant but Brandon Flowers notoriously doesn't allow photographers at gigs.
Portrait - Nick Cave....

Q. If someone wants to get a start in taking photos of bands and musos do yo have any advice?

A. get into the streetpress, its unpaid but it means you can take crap photos and screw up and they'll still print them and send you out again so you learn alot

Q. Anything new and exciting coming up for you? New projects? Where to next?

A. oh gosh...theres a big project which isn't set in stone yet so i don't want to jinx it but this week is Opeth and Bliss n Esso

Q. Where can people find out more about you and is there any websites you want to plug?

A. and I work alot with wireless bollinger a brilliant indie e-zine

Q. Thank you Kate for taking time out of your trip, have you enjoyed this short Q&A?
A. sort of......i think i prefer to stay on the media side!

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