Monday, September 1, 2008

1 September - 5 Featured Etsy Sellers

On the 1st of each month I like to feature Etsy sellers who I feel are worth the time to visit. For September I've some baby stuff, unique stationery from a fellow Melbourne artist, natural body products and some beautiful cut out creations. I hope you them all just as much I do!

While your at Etsy don’t forget to drop by my store to check out new original artwork pieces and other goodies.


Finki is based Melbourne, Australia and named after two of her greatest inspirations her babies Kierah and Finn. Busy spending sleepless nights with a head full of wonderful new patterns she produces what can only be described as an eclectic mix of jewelery and office accessories... all stitched up. It's a wonderful collision of art and practicality, a splash of color for your home or office desk.
"I am always creating new and exciting things, so check back often, as my range expands. Incorporating compendiums, c.d stackers and more..." - Finki
To view more of her gorgeous colourful products visit:



A store for hand painted children's clothing and accessories created by Holly mother of two beautiful children from Pacific NW. All designs are original, free hand painted by Holly (no stencils); so no two items are exactly the same She started painting children's clothing in March of 2006 when she came to the realization that the world of accounting just wasn't for her and she had a need like many others for unique clothing for he children.

"Inspired by my eldest child, I began painting clothing for her. I designed pieces that I couldn't find in stores and were unique to her wardrobe. After creating a few custom pieces for friends, I decided to open my own store. In an effort to keep the right side of my brain alive and thriving, I give you Winklepots." - Winklepots
To view more check out:


For ten years Tammy has been providing bath and body products from the earth. All ingredients, even the rarely used fragrance oils, are entirely natural, botanical or vegetable, and from renewable sources. No chemicals, artificial preservatives, petroleum or oil refinery products are used. She grows all the herbs & flowers (or gets them from her friends' gardens) used in her recipes. Rest assured, these products are as good for you as they are for the environment!
"I decided to combine my love of gardening with my need to have a great hand moisturizer. Many commercial products actually contain alcohol, which defeats the purpose. So, after a lot of research, I began experimenting and creating various lotion recipes. Eventually I hit upon what I feel is THE best lotion recipe ever!" - Tammy

For more information please visit the following websites:


Cut Out And Collect
Cut Out and Collect began as Cheyne Little's attempt to avoid graduate school, jobs involving fax machines, and other acceptable adult endeavors. When she's not behind a sewing machine, Cheyne can be found operating an espresso machine, playing with cameras, rollin' with her art peeps, conquering mountains of books, or planning her third trip around the world. The Cut Out Collective includes friends and family who are artists and seamstresses, coming from both high and low places.
"My grandmother was a seamstress and when she passed away a couple of years ago, I got a tattoo over my heart of a pair of fabric shears and a dotted-line heart. When it was time to form my business name and logo, nothing else would do. I sew because I have to - I feel crazy when I'm away from my machine - the sounds are the most beautiful, calming music. I really enjoy creating bags and feel like each one is a special, original piece of art - art that can carry your wallet and keys!" - Cheyne
For more information please visit the following websites:

Is where you will find handcrafted baby items made with love. At the urging of her friends who have been recipients of her handcrafted creations (and those they have shown them off to) Tammy had decided to take matters one step further and offer them for sale on Etsy. Tammy is a married mother of 4 sons all living in the upstate of South Carolina.
"I love to sew especially when it comes to making baby items. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of my creations as I get out of making them." - Tammy
To view more of Tammy's items please visit:
- Etsy

Stay tuned for another 5 featured artists that are sellers on Etsy on October 1.


  1. I'm tickled pink to be one of your featured Etsians this month, luv your work, thankyou for your time in curating such a fab blog....J.

  2. Both of you are more than welcome!


  3. Thanks so much for including me in your featured Etsy sites! :)




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