Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gift Ideas

Yesterday I wrote about how to be prepared for emergency gift giving, well I thought today I'd continue the theme with some small gifts ideas that I like to do and give:

1. Create a gift basket/bag/box. Once for a friend of mine I hand painted a calico bag and went to the local health food store and bought a selection of yummy treats to fill it with. Not only are the contents useful, but he proclaimed he was a staving musician and so at least he could eat the goodies and keep a bag that will be useful for when he did have the cash to go shopping. You can also do the same with beauty products, small toys, homemade muffins ect. The best thing is that you can easily work within a any budget.

I would love to receive some yummy blue berry muffins in one of these stamped paper bags from Poppies for Grace

2. Think outside the box or inside the box or around the box, give a gift that is quirky, functional and has a unique style about it. No, I'm not talking about going out and buying a BBQ Apron with some funny saying on it. Something more design focused. Browse the net, visit your local gallery shops and other quirky places. You can pick up some amazing things in all price ranges.

These Ceramic Crinkle Cups originally designed by Rob Brandt are one of my many favorites. Available at A plus R Store
So many riffs these days on the Dixie and other throwaway table ware, but these ceramic cups were the first and are still the best. Netherlands ceramicist Rob Brandt introduced them in 1975, and three decades later the crinkle effect only underscores the ingenious statement they make on our disposable culture. Fill the tall with wine or water; the mini is ideal for shots of espresso, sake or other spirit. Gift a set for use or a single as an objet de pop art. - A plus R Store
3. ART! Okay so I paint and this is a pretty much a given and something that isn't much of a challenge for me, but for those who want to buy a little creative piece for someone there are plenty of stores that you can visit in person or online at varies prices. Art is a personal thing and can be little hard to get just the right piece, so I offer to paint a painting for them but you can give them a gift voucher.

Lately I've been getting into screen prints and letter press prints. So it's no surprise I'm thinking that Grenade By Jacob Arden McClure available at Keep Calm Gallery would make a wonderful gift for myself.

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  1. Love the idea about creating something special for someone, why not take it one step further. I have used RedBalloon Days to find some really great gifts liek jewellery making classes and art lessons - you can even go with the person you are getting the gift for and enjoy it with them.




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