Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobile Phones

Since I’m getting a new phone I looked up Mobile Muster for where to drop my old phone off for recycling and the one before that which is still sitting in a draw at home (makes me one of the 70% of Australians) along with all their accessories.

I discovered some interesting facts on the way.

“Mobile phones are not biodegradable and over 90% of the plastics and metals in mobile phones, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials to make new products such as stainless steel, plastic fence posts and jewellery.

Although everything in a mobile phone is solid-state (i.e. there are no moving parts or liquids that can be released in normal use) they do contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances (e.g. cadmium, lead, brominated fire retardants) which, if not handled correctly at the end of their lives, can harm the environment.

This is primarily of concern in landfills where hazardous substances such as cadmium in NiCad batteries could be released into the environment via leachate from the landfill. Similarly, incineration of the plastics in mobile phones may also be of concern where the process is not managed in compliance with strict environmental guidelines because it may result in the release of harmful dioxins and furans.”

- Mobile Muster

For more info visit their website

And for more recycling in Australia visit

P.S Before anyone asks, the reason for a new phone is that they have been used and abused so much that they no longer work to their full potential. One even fell 1 whole storey down a lift shaft.


  1. Hi Nicole! That's great that they recycle the phones and turn them into usable jewelry.

    Do check out Joon's shop. She's so thoughtful, creative, and LoVes to recycle. Well, you saw my photos. You can Convo her with a Custom Order and ask for scenes with Snoopy in them and ask her to colorize them like mine. When your sister receives Joon's package, I swear it's better than Xmas b/c everything is handmade and exciting!

    If you want to create and get inspired, check out the Create A Day blog which I'm a member of---
    If you want to join, just Convo me and I can ask Sheasy whose in charge of the blog to give you access to submit articles on your creations. ♥♥ Stacy ;)

  2. Yay!
    I recycle my old phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

    P.S. I love that rotary phone!




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