Sunday, July 27, 2008

Colour or Color?

Either way I've been asked a few times of late where do I get my colour pallets from. Whether it be for a simple document or something more I tend to visit these two following online sources:

With the Pantone website you do have to be a member to access all it's features which also includes helpful info on design with free downloads from Before and After Magazine as well as colour forecasts and other helpful tid
The colour pallets are created by users, started only in the past few months there isn't a large range yet, but there is enough to get your creativity flowing. The search features are in-depth and are easy to use, you can even search for specific Pantone colours.

Colour Lovers
This is purely about colour and patterns, you don't have to be a member unless you want to create your own pallets to share with the world. Such a wide range created by users, easy to search features allowing you to type in tag like words such as 'spring' or 'winter' to find jut the right pallets. Maybe you want something that has blue or green in it, this to is
easy to find using the user friendly tabs and search tools.

I love having these resources at my finger tips on the web, as I do most of my work on a computer. Though you can always go through your local book shop and purchase from a range of colour related books.

This is a tip that a friend told me about the other day that I thought was worth sharing was to get a photo image, take a thin slice from it and reduce it in Photoshop to how many colours you want with cutout. Presto you then have your own colour pallet. Yet to use this method but I think on my next project this might be something I'll try out.

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