Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank you!

A big thank you to all who attended last night to support not only myself but other artists at the one night only textile exhibition Drape it in Sound. I hope everyone who was able to make it had a gorgeous evening.

Sadly my camera was flat before it even started so I've no photos. If anyone was able to take some please contact me ASAP! The pics would be most appreciated.

Thank you to all fellow bloggers and websites who also helped to promote the night too!

P.S I promise to take some pics of my pieces and have them up soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Magazine - Grazia

Last week in the post I received the self proclaimed first ever weekly Australian glossy magazine. The cover was not what I'm use to picking up from the news stand but hey not everyone can be a Yen or a Frankie. So it was probably a good thing I landed on their VIP Subscription list, other wise I wouldn't of given it the time of day.

If you love to look at gorgeous pictures of very expensive and exclusive fashion then this is the weekly hit that will not break the bank, it's only $5! Unlike those Prada shoes you may of been eyeing off last weekend.

Now rather than having topics like 50 ways to please your man... blah blah blah... the first issue had a wonderful article that explained what you should look for in beauty treatments and certain things that if you see to walk straight out of salon. Inside it's glossy cover it also contains articles on world issues, current events, gossip and of coarse shoes!

For only $5 all I can say is that next time your stuck without a mag to read on the train this is one I recommend picking up.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dark Room @ Ruby Rabbit

Featuring art work from Beastman, Luke Taffe along side two of the guys who's work and passion I admire Ears and Maxberry. Wish I was in Sydney to be able to check out what looks like will be a great night out!

Ruby Rabbit
231 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Opening Night - Friday 1 August, 9pm onwards

Monday, July 28, 2008

Reminder: Textile Art Exhibition - Drape it in Sound

"For one night only, celebrating the rich textile culture of Brunswick, this exhibition will showcase a diverse collection of highly skilled artists from the local area."

The Spot
133 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Opening Night - Wednesday 30 July, 7pm-10pm
Exhibition - Wednesday 30 July, 2008 7pm-10pm ONE NIGHT ONLY

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Colour or Color?

Either way I've been asked a few times of late where do I get my colour pallets from. Whether it be for a simple document or something more I tend to visit these two following online sources:

With the Pantone website you do have to be a member to access all it's features which also includes helpful info on design with free downloads from Before and After Magazine as well as colour forecasts and other helpful tid
The colour pallets are created by users, started only in the past few months there isn't a large range yet, but there is enough to get your creativity flowing. The search features are in-depth and are easy to use, you can even search for specific Pantone colours.

Colour Lovers
This is purely about colour and patterns, you don't have to be a member unless you want to create your own pallets to share with the world. Such a wide range created by users, easy to search features allowing you to type in tag like words such as 'spring' or 'winter' to find jut the right pallets. Maybe you want something that has blue or green in it, this to is
easy to find using the user friendly tabs and search tools.

I love having these resources at my finger tips on the web, as I do most of my work on a computer. Though you can always go through your local book shop and purchase from a range of colour related books.

This is a tip that a friend told me about the other day that I thought was worth sharing was to get a photo image, take a thin slice from it and reduce it in Photoshop to how many colours you want with cutout. Presto you then have your own colour pallet. Yet to use this method but I think on my next project this might be something I'll try out.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where to find...

I've recently had a few new developments into where you will be able to locate pieces of my work in the near future, however for now you can find them at the following places:
- Mushroom Crafts, 40 Bair St, Leongatha, Vic 3953
- Artholes, 117 North Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Vic 3065
- 696, 696 Sydney rd, Brunswick, Vic

Also if you would like to buy online feel free to visit:
- Etsy
- Redbubble

Friday, July 25, 2008

Cheetah - New Stencil

This is one of a handful of stencils that I've recently been working on over the past months. 'Cheetah' is the first to of been completed and this is a test spray of him that I did. I just love him to bits and I hope you do to!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogs... Reccomended Reading

One thing I love most about browsing through blogs is clicking on other blogs and discovering new things. Here is a short list of a few that I just adore reading and hope that you will too! (as well as checking their links, and their links and...)
1. Daydream Lily
"A Melbourne girl's blog about ~ indie art : handmade craft : vintage finds and other inspiring things"
2. A Cup of Jo
"Art, Photography, Fashion, Design and the People I Love."
3. Birdy and Me
"I like vodka and chocolate and my feet are always cold!"
4. Swiss Miss
"I am a 'swiss designer gone NYC'. swissmiss is my visual archive of things that 'make me look'. Yes, I also have a day job: I run my own design studio."
5. Apartment Therapy
"Saving the world, one room at a time"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sale - Christmas in July Sale on Esty!

I'm having a Christmas in July Sale only on Etsy with these offers:
- Spend over $50 in one transaction (inc. postage) and receive a bonus goodies bag valued at $10 (valid till 31 July)
- Up to 25% off selected items (valid till 31 July)

Visit me at

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Also search for christmasinjuly for other great sellers offering Christmas in July specials on Etsy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NEW - Cat 1 - Spray Animal is now available as a digital print!

I've the Spray Animal - Cat 1 now available as a digital print in my Etsy store The Spray animals were created early this year and the originals are still yet to be exhibited (they are a little shy). Keep your eyes peeled for a few more popping up soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008


After flicking through some old magazines on the weekend I came across one of the recent YEN Magazines, the Happiness Issue. This got me thinking about what makes me happy, as a result here is a small list of things that I came up with.

1. Flicking through old photos/cards ect. and all the memories they bring back
2. Great coffee
3. Completing a piece of art work that I just love
4. Going away for a weekend, leaving the mobile off and the lap top at home.
5. Finding a new artist whose work I just adore
6. Watching kids movies
7. Taking a dog for a walk at a dog friendly national park/beach.
8. A bunch of flowers no matter how big or small
9. Being out in the surf and being made to work hard then having that moment where it makes all the hard work worth it
10. Clean bed sheet

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spray The Word at The Library Artspace

This is an exhibition will showcase a unique collaboration of when street art meets poetry.

"Spray the word is combining poetry and stencil art across two continents. Poems have been sent from Australia to Brazil and from Brazil to Australia for stencil artists in the respective countries to engage with and create new works. The results are surprising and stunning: this is not to be missed"

The poets behind the lyrical words are Rica P (Brazil), Ian McBride, James Waller, Paula Valeria Adrade(Brazil) and Jon Garrett. There are many stencil artists who works will incorporate this words some of whom are Celso Gitahy (Brazil), Ozi (Brazil), Amanda King, Satta van Daal, Bete (Brazil), Floh, Seldom and that's just to name a few.

100 Barkly Street, North Fitzroy
Opening Night - Wednesday 23 July, 6pm onwards
Exhibition - Wednesday 23 July to Saturday 16 August 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cat 1 - Spray Animal 8x10 Inch Digital Print

Printed on quality 8" x 10" matte photograph paper stock. Cat 1 of the Spray Animals is now available as ope edition print.

Image is 7" x 9" with white boarder to allow for better framing. On the back it is sIgned, dated and titled.

The Spray Animals were created early 2008 and have been ling in hiding for some time. Now they are a slowly being shown to the world. The Cat 1 is the first of the Spray Animals to be available as a print and is currently only available in my Etsy store at

Friday, July 18, 2008

Stay Human

Stay Human is an Australian ethical merchandise company based in Melbourne that was started in 2002 by Rocket who wanted to do something to try to help make the world a better place.

"Instead of getting up everyday and going to a job I hated, I wanted to bound out of bed and get to work on creating something I cared about." - Rocket

Created from the demand from local bands who were looking for ethically made shirts and hoodies, to offer their die hard fans, without supporting the unfair sweatshop labor practices that are apparent in the garment industry. Many bands found that they couldn¹t get the time of day from manufacturers and printers, especially since they were only requiring small runs of 20-50 garments. Stay Human became the solution as a one stop ethical shop for a
band to start up there own merchandise garment line. 
Latter developing into other merchandise items that can be used by bands, artists, events, businesses and other groups and organisations:
- badges
- stickers
- garments
- totes
- business cards
- temp tattoos
- candy

"By making it easier for people to do the right thing and say no to sweatshop production, we hope to encourage more and more people to shop with a conscience and not just for convenience." - Rocket

Stay Human's mission is twofold, not only are the trying to give customers easy and affordable access to ethical products. They are also trying to prove that businesses can operate with morals and still make reasonable, but
not obscene profit.

Please take the time to visit Stay Human at

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reminder: 12x12 Presented By weAREtheIMAGEmakers, Melbourne


No Vacancy Gallery

27-33 Red Cape Lane, Melbourne

Opening Night - Friday 18 July, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition - Saturday 19 July to Friday 25 July 2008


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aida Sabic

With all the interest coming from Aida Sabic's recent exhibition held at Per Square Meter in Collingwood, I thought it best to let you all know where you can find out more about this talented girl. Feel free to visit her My Space Page  to check out more info about up and coming events, works and other bits and pieces. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEW - Spray Animals are now available in a badge!

I've these 3 little guys (chicken, crow and cat 1) available in a 1 inch pin back only in my Etsy store The Spray animals were created early this year and the originals are still yet to be exhibited (they are a little shy).
They are just one of the many projects I've been working on whilst hibernating from the cold weather.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Reminder: Melbourne Artists Auction For Burma Relief

Just a quick reminder that the auction will take place at The Lounge Upstairs, 243 Swanston St beginning at 6:30pm on Wednesday, July 16.

For more information on CARE Australia, please visit:
For more information on ‘melBurners for Burma’, please visit:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deb, Phibs, Meggs and Reka at Mcculloch Gallery / Deb's Website

Featuring Deb, Phibs, Meggs and Reka this is one exhibition that I 
plan not to miss even if the opening is the same night as 12x12 at 
No Vacancy. I guess it will be a busy night then. 

Mcculloch Gallery
8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne
Opening Night - Friday 18 July, 6.30pm onwards
Exhibition - Monday 14 July to Sunday 3 August 2008

Recently Deb has started a new website that I think you would be nuts not taking the time to check out. 
You would recognise her work from locations such as May's Lane in Sydney, various shops in Fitzroy and even in some Myer stores.
 I have to be honest and say first time I saw her work I was thinking 'not more girls posing with pouts', then I saw the fantastic can control, the differences between each character, how well she works in collaborations and many more things that I'll leave for you to discover on your own. 
My favorite pieces of hers that I've seen so far is the skate board that was exhibited along side one of mine at an exhibition held late last year at Panic, Dexhibition and the fish that was painted in May's Lane that I spotted early this year. This will change after the exhibition on the 18th of July, I'm sure I'll find some new favorites.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Art Work

Below are two versions of a stencil I cut a little while ago that I've yet to place into an exhibition or a gallery
Prints are available at Red Bubble

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blogs for Creative Inspiration

Whilst cruising through the world wide web (yet again) I came across this post on Perpenduum that links to Creative Something and their post on some of the absolute best blogs for creative inspiration. This was something that I felt was so… useful that I thought it best to post about the post that posted about the original post. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobile Phones

Since I’m getting a new phone I looked up Mobile Muster for where to drop my old phone off for recycling and the one before that which is still sitting in a draw at home (makes me one of the 70% of Australians) along with all their accessories.

I discovered some interesting facts on the way.

“Mobile phones are not biodegradable and over 90% of the plastics and metals in mobile phones, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials to make new products such as stainless steel, plastic fence posts and jewellery.

Although everything in a mobile phone is solid-state (i.e. there are no moving parts or liquids that can be released in normal use) they do contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances (e.g. cadmium, lead, brominated fire retardants) which, if not handled correctly at the end of their lives, can harm the environment.

This is primarily of concern in landfills where hazardous substances such as cadmium in NiCad batteries could be released into the environment via leachate from the landfill. Similarly, incineration of the plastics in mobile phones may also be of concern where the process is not managed in compliance with strict environmental guidelines because it may result in the release of harmful dioxins and furans.”

- Mobile Muster

For more info visit their website

And for more recycling in Australia visit

P.S Before anyone asks, the reason for a new phone is that they have been used and abused so much that they no longer work to their full potential. One even fell 1 whole storey down a lift shaft.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Textile Art Exhibition - Drape it in Sound

This is one of the up and coming exhibitions that I'll be having some pieces in over the next few months. Drape it in Sound is a one night only exhibition at The Spot in Brunswick.

"For one night only, celebrating the rich textile culture of Brunswick, this exhibition will showcase a diverse collection of highly skilled artists from the local area."

The pieces which I'm submitting have never been seen before and this will be their debut. It is very exciting for me considering they are in a new style that I've been thinking about for a while and created using 95% recycled materials. 

Hope to see you there!

The Spot
133 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Opening Night - Wednesday 30 July, 7pm-10pm
Exhibition - Wednesday 30 July, 2008 7pm-10pm  ONE NIGHT ONLY

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Melbourne Artists Auction For Burma Relief

Local and International Street Artists Dig Deep to Support Victims of Cyclone Nargis. I've also submitted 3 small Animal Design Canvases for the auction.

South Myanmar/Burma has been left devastated by the recent cyclone Nargis, with over 100,000 people feared dead and reports of at least 2 million left without shelter, food or clean water. In a bid to provide relief for the families of Myanmar/Burma, street artists from Melbourne and abroad have agreed to provide artworks to be sold at auction, with all proceeds being proudly donated to CARE Australia.

‘melBurners for Burma’ is a collection of work from local and international street artists who are kind enough to donate their art for the cause. The artwork will be sold to the highest bidder and every dollar will go directly to CARE Australia’s Myanmar/Burma Appeal.

CARE has over 500 staff members in Burma working on projects in 120 villages and towns across the country. With so many workers already in place and effectively helping the victims, the money raised will provide immediate and long-term relief for those who need it most.

Melbourne is renowned worldwide for the vast amount of street art boasted on the city’s walls. In addition to the walls outside, many of Melbourne’s galleries and shop fronts flaunt the work of talented local street artists. The auction will include the latest works of some of Melbourne’s stunning street artists.

‘melBurners for Burma’ opened on July 2nd at The Lounge Upstairs with all artwork being displayed for two weeks.
The auction will take place at The Lounge Upstairs, 243 Swanston St beginning at 6:30pm on Wednesday, July 16.

For more information on CARE Australia, please visit:
For more information on ‘melBurners for Burma’, please visit:

Sunday, July 6, 2008


For those of whom that don't know but over 3 months ago I had my third eye op to remove sun damage, which meant I was outta the water for a little while. Over the down time Floh and I re-painted my board (shaped by Scott Peberdy at Outereef). Which I just adore! It's shown above.
Today was the second time I've been out since the all clear from the doc and loved it so much. I even had this little kid come up to me and ask me for some tips. He could not of been much older than 9 and was out in the water whilst his dad sat on beach, this kid gave 110% to every wave and even though I don't think he ended up standing up he loved every moment of it. From paddling into a wave to checking out the sea weed. 
It reminded me that it's not always where we end up but the journey we take. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Post No Bills - New York City (Gallerie Pulaski)

Gallerie Pulaski is the odd name given to this make shift and, in this case, legal street art space that occupies the scaffolding-shaded plywood walls around a rising condo, just yards away from the busy ramps to the Pulaski Bridge spanning Newtown Creek, in Long Island. The show will run until the 31st of August 2008.

It features more than 20 street artists from various styles and backgrounds. 

To read more about this visit the New York Times Website

Friday, July 4, 2008

Swiss Miss Blog

Today whilst browsing through the wide world web of the internet I came across a design blog that I think has now become a new addiction... It's by Tina Roth Eisenber a Swiss Designer Gone NYC and is called SwissMiss.
Full of delightful design info and items that I simply wish I had the space for.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

V Raw Design a Tee Comp

L is one Melbourne artist who's work I'd love to see more of... for now she is competing against many other worthy opponents in the V Raw T-shirt Design Comp. To help this talented girl out please vote for her by clicking and following the how to vote.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sketch CIty - 6 July 2pm - 10pm

If you looking for an event in Melbourne where you can meet some fantastic artists, create works yourself and just have a wonderful afternoon, Sketch City is it. Held on the first Sunday of each month at Dazzleland Studios, 25 Eastment street, Northcote. July will feature artists Pep, Jack Douglas, Leith Walton, Kinyobi and Aryze, with stencil, paste-up and aerosol workshops as well.

View more info at the website

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1 July - 5 Featured Etsy Sellers

On the 1st of each month I’m featuring 5 Etsy sellers who I feel are worth the time to visit. There are so many wondrous, gorgeous and original pieces that at times it's just too hard to decided.

While your at Etsy don’t forgett to drop by my store to check out new orginal artwork pieces and other goodies.


Jen's Closet
If your looking for vintage items for sale online by someone that ships international, offers reasonable prices and has a wide selection of items then look no further than Jen's Closet. When
I first visited her store I felt like I had wondered into my local op shop but they had selected all my favorite pieces and put them in special section, to save me the time of hunting though all the stuff I'm not interested in. She is also currently getting ready for all the early Christmas shoppers (like myself) and will be stocking some gorgeous vintage Christmas items in the very near future.
Jen has offered a special offer to readers of my blog, if there is an item you want to purchase send her a convo about what item and that you heard about her vis and she'll offer you 10% off the item price (shipping at regular price).
To find out more please visit:

Kitty Kat Kards
With a passion for making origami and only recently getting into this cardmaking kick the results are incredible. Each item has that homemade/handmade feeling that gives everything a whole personal touch. Utilising other materials such as rubber stamps and keeping an eye out for new ideas we can expect bigger things from this talented lady.
She will be having selected items at 25% off for the month of July. So get in quick to snap up these adorable pieces at an adorable price!
To view more check out:


Kitty Cross Bones

Do you have custom promotional needs? If so Kitty Cross Bones is your one stop shop. Turn-around is about 7-12 business days (excluding weekends and shipping) or SOONER from the date they get your images! The quality is incredible and with competitive pricing I doubt you could find any better offer.
For more information please visit the following websites:

Suds 'N' Such
Angie is not only just a stay at home mm to a beautiful 5 year old daughter, but also the person behind Suds 'N' Such. She loves all kinds of crafts including scrap-booking, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and of course making soap! She started making soap about a year ago as a hobby, that was until her sister was showed off her soap to some coworkers one day and then the orders started rolling in.
For more information please visit the following websites:
Mary Jane Frances
Bohemian style and a life long passion for vintage are the common threads running through all of the one of a kind items created by Mary Jane Hunter, designer.
A jeweler by trade, Mary Jane was able to translate her formal design training from The Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, and 10 years of jewelry design experience, into her love of all things hippie, creating things that she herself wanted but was unable to find in the marketplace.
Using mainly vintage fabrics , leathers, and hardware to create her beautifully crafted bags, headbands and jewelry, inspired by the 1960's counterculturebags.
For more information please visit the following websites:
Stay tuned for another 5 featured artists that are sellers on Etsy on the August 1.



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