Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your Homepage by Nada Poljski

With sites like Facebook, Myspace and almost every other person (including me) having a blog or website or even both, it's no surprise that the secrets, gossip and general chit chat that makes it way thru cyber space is the topic of Nada Poljski collection 'Your Homepage'.

"An exhibition of concertina books made from hand cut lino prints with dry point etching. 'Your Homepage' is a collection of dialogue gathered from eaves dropping into people¹s conversations. Today, the internet has become a
device where people¹s private affairs are readily available for viewing in a way that almost seems intrusive. What was once a privilege is now an open invitation to view people¹s thoughts and secrets. I create a World Wide Web and weave the text into maps, buildings and human figures  giving an architecture to the virtual space. Your Homepage is a set of concertina books, where you can click on each page to find another secret revealed."
- That's Melbourne 

Mailbox 141
141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Exhibition - Tuesday 24 June to Friday 15 August 2008 (Not Open Mondays)
Website - 

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