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1 June - 5 Featured Etsy Sellers

On the 1st of each month I’m going to feature 5 Etsy sellers who I feel are worth the time to visit and view their wondrous, gorgeous and original pieces.

While your at Etsy don’t forgett to drop by my store to check out new orginal artwork pieces and other goodies.

Baby Hoot
Started in the summer of 2007 when two sisters, Jessica and Christina, realized with their sewing and business skills, they could bring affordable quality baby products to everyone! Thus, babyhoot. was born. Named after a silly story: babyhoot is Jessica's oldest daughter's attempt at saying the word 'bathing suit'. when she was two years old, she and her brother loved the soundtrack to the musical "A Year with Frog and Toad", and there's a song called "Toad Looks Funny in a Bathing Suit" that became the kids' favorite. she would sing her heart out, "toad looks funny in a BAAAY-BBBBEEEE-HOOOOT!" and there's the silly story.
With three kids under the age of six (Jessica) and as a full time nanny of three little girls (Christina) they've seen their fair share of poorly made baby stuff, and it's frustrating - blankets slapped together in another country made with scratchy material, burpcloths that don't really absorb or stay put, bibs that did NOT keep baby's clothes clean. You name it, they've seen it and were disappointed! So, all their babyhoot products must pass the is-this-good/soft/durable/cute-enough-to-use-with-the-baby?" test. If it's not good enough for their family, they most certainly won't sell it to you for your family!
things for baby that are fun, clean, fresh, modern, luxurious, and best of all... affordable! each babyhoot. item is handmade, which makes them all special & unique- just like baby!
Baby Hoot are having their first giveaway- a Messy Baby Bib of your choice! see their blog for details.
To view more information on Baby Hoot visit them online at:
- Website
- Etsy

Junk Most Wondrous
Morgan likes tomatoes, country walks, classic rock, blackberries, good company and dislikes clowns, organ meats, shopping malls. A recent college grad (Radford University) living in southwest Virginia, in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian mountains. Whilst currently working on a children's book in collaboration with their brother, who is illustrating. Morgan still finds time to create gorgeous photographs, jewelry and assembling little paper worlds.
All of my photos are taken in the Appalachian region. Most of these are within 20 miles of where Morgan grew up. Trying to capture scenes that reflect both the beauty and the mystery of this place.
Searching high and low for unique, often vintage or antique, pieces of jewelry that can be taken apart and reassembled into something no one else has. With the their help of mother for donating a large pile of fabulous 60s-70s era jewelry.
Shadowboxes are fun to make but often frustrating, once spending two days working on a scene only to realize that it would not all fit in the box. These are Morgan's favorite handmade things because they are like glimpses into little worlds.
Selected items are currently on sale in their Etsy store!
For more information please visit the following websites:
- Etsy

Sabrina Soaps
Based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and about 35 miles southeast of Cleveland; the creator behind Sabrina Soaps spends their days trying to create new scents, colors and molds. Making soaps by the melt-n-pour method, with a passion for variety.
Currently having a 50% off sale on products in their Etsy store to make room for new stock!
For more information please visit the following websites:

Muffin Physicist
The Muffin Physicist, has experimented with mixing various gluten-free flours to create the perfect wheat-like muffin that is high in fiber and protein. Years as an undergraduate studying protein folding has helped with the understanding of which flours work best to give the kind of protein required to keep a gluten free muffin together.
By indulging in these yummy goodies you may not think it but you may end up feeling a less bloated and no so 'fat'. This is generally a result people find after removing gluten and wheat from their diets.
Sadly they are only available to San Diego, USA, residents and on the campus of UCSD at the Grove Cafe as well as RIMAC.
For more information about their gluten free bakery in San Diego, please visit the following websites at:
I can honestly say that as someone who loves to cook, I would love to see mini cook books available, but I know you can't give away all your secrets.

Natasha is an artist, and maker of things that at times sometimes she cannot bear to part with. Creating in her studio paintings, cards and carefully hand embroidered pieces.
For more information please visit the following websites:

Stay tuned for another 5 featured artists that are sellers on Etsy on the July 1.

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