Thursday, June 5, 2008

Edit Industries's - Need Your Pictures For A Project

Maliscious is on his next project - by popular demand for more of the “Fuck Your China Made Surfboard” series, which is raising awareness related to preserving and keeping surfboard manufacturing in the united states rather than overseas, he needs pictures from all the ladies out there!

“This is not about race - it is about people selling out our surfing heritage and industry for money!”

They don’t just want any pictures though - you have to flip off the camera - it can be just you or a group of you (girls only). You can be as normal or done up as you like - you can be as sexy or slutty as you like. You can be naked if you like - in your work clothes if you like - do as you wish - you just have to be flipping the bird - middle finger in the air - so do what ever you feel. Doesn’t matter! But you have to flipping the bird!


All the photos are going to be on a “Fuck Your China Made Surfboard” collage that is going to be made into a fabric. The fabric is going to get laminated on to the decks of three surfboards that are going to be on display in various locations!


So please take a minute to snap the photo of yourself or have someone else take it and send it to edit industries myspace page!

Either in a message or comment just so they can copy it or if you already have one send them the link.


The boards/project is scheduled to be done by June 25th!!

This is a worthy project as the passion and lifestyle of surfing cannot be manufactured. Even though I’m from Australia I support the message that they are sending. My board was shaped for me and I just love it. You cannot get that from a dime a dozen board made in a sweat shop out of plastic.

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